Austin launch experience

The problem: CAVA, the Mediterranean culinary brand with a flavorful and healthy fast-casual restaurant experience was expanding to Austin, Texas. The brand was heretofore unknown in the South, and wanted to land with a splash that would introduce the audience to the restaurant.

The solution: The CAVA brand is both healthy and socially conscious, so I developed the “Adventure Locally” campaign, which included a roadshow event called the CAVATHON, meant to exercise your mind, body, and spirit, complete with a celebrity appearance. Being an urban college town, the Austin audience is physically and mentally active. The Adventure Locally campaign also included extensions to pair activities with CAVA bowls, as well as CAVA Island, which rewarded visitors willing to swim, kayak, or otherwise get to the floating restaurant.

Fun fact: The spicy lamb meatballs are worth the extra $1.95.