The problem: Toyota dealerships a way to teach new car owners how to Go Safely.

The solution: I built a toolkit with goodies for the dealership, as well as personalized safety information for teenagers, parents, and seniors.

Fun fact: I still use the car key-shaped USB drive that came along with this kit.

Toyota_Kit_Box3-4 Toyota_Kit_BoxFrontToyota_Kit_Box3-4_2 Toyota_Kit_Box3-4_3  Toyota_Kit_BoxesToyota_Kit_InnerBoxesToyota_Kit_AdultBox  Toyota_Kit_KidBoxToyota_Kit_TeenBoxToyota_Kit_Cards Toyota_Kit_CoffeeSleave   Toyota_Kit_Mirror   Toyota_Kit_USB Toyota_USAFoundation_LogoToyota_Kit_StuffSpread